Drawing from Observation

Learn 3 Tips to Draw from Observation by artist, entrepreneur, and educator, Brandy Klindworth. 30-minutes.

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  • Brandy Klindworth

    Artist, Entrepreneur, Educator

    Brandy Klindworth

    Brandy Klindworth is the artist, entrepreneur, and educator behind Ladder Mouse, creating flora, fauna, and fungi illustrations. She currently resides in Fairbanks, AK and has become most inspired by the forest floor with growing interest in mycology and botany. After a near-death ice climbing experience in 2017 that caused Brandy to lose some dominant hand-function, she has become a passionate advocate in encouraging others to pursue their purpose and utilize their gifts and abilities to their fullest extent, taking action to overcome their fears. This is what has made her passionate about teaching you how to depict nature on paper - she knows you have what it takes inside of you.

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    Drawing from Observation
    • 3 Tips to Draw from Observation