Need help? Email us at contact@outdoorcore.com

  • How long will I have access to a course?

    You will have lifetime access to any course that is offered at OutdoorCore.

  • Do you have a 100% satisfaction guarantee?

    Yes, if you are not happy with any course purchase, we have a 100% money-back guarantee. Simply email us at contact@outdoorcore.com with concerns.

  • Do I have to have a desktop computer to view the courses?

    Not at all. Our platform is mobile friendly. You can view all of our courses on a desktop computer, a tablet or even your smart phone.


Need help? Email us at contact@outdoorcore.com

  • How do I become an Instructor at OutdoorCore?

    We're always looking for passionate outdoor skills teachers with knowledge to share! Start by clicking on TEACH COURSES in the main menu and fill out our Interest Form. Then, one of our staff members will be in touch.

  • Do I get paid to teach online courses at OutdoorCore?

    Yes. OutdoorCore operates on a profit-share model. You will earn a percentage of your course sales. This profit-share income is paid out automatically via PayPal every month. You profit-share percentage can be as high as 80%.

  • Does my course have to be in video?

    Yes, all courses at OutdoorCore are delivered using video. Many courses also include downloadable worksheets, check-lists, and hand-outs, but the bulk of all teaching must be done in video.

  • Can I film & edit my own course videos?

    Yes, absolutely! If you have the equipment and knowledge to video and edit your own courses, that's great! Keep in mind that we do have video requirements and standards so we will ask that you send us a sample video beforehand. We can dig into these details after you've submitted your interest form by clicking on TEACH COURSES in the Main Site Menu.

  • Do I have to film & edit my own course videos?

    No. We realize that filming your own course can be a HUGE hurdle. In fact, most awesome instructors have no idea how to film and edit a good course. If your course idea qualifies, our video team at OutdoorCore will shoot, produce, and edits all of the course videos for you!

  • Do I still own my course at OutdoorCore?

    Absolutely! Your course is your content. The only exceptions are courses that our video team films and edits. We retain sales rights to these courses even if you leave the platform.