Beginner's Knifemaking

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I'll teach you step-by-step how to make a knife!

- James Gibson -

Course Objectives

What can you expect to learn?

  • How to rough out a knife blank from bar stock

  • How to profile a knife blank

  • BONUS - How to save money and sharpen drill bits

  • How to grid bevels

  • How to heat treat

  • How to polish and edge

  • STONING (Old School Technique!)

  • How to etch a blade

  • How to make a kydex sheath

  • And more!


The $155 Knife Shop

As a bonus to students, James has put together a Beginning Knife Maker's shopping list that can help you get all of the equipment you need for your backyard knife shop for only $155. This shopping list is an invaluable resource to any beginner bladesmith!

One Course, Endless Possibilities

Once you understand the basics, your creativity is the limit. The skills taught in this course can be the foundation for an incredible hobby or business in knife-making. Whether creating an heirloom gift for your son or building a part-time income, everything you need to get started is here.
One Course, Endless Possibilities

Course Curriculum

  • 1
    Welcome to Beginner's Knifemaking
    • 1. Intro
  • 2
    Beginner's Knife Making: Course Material
    • 2. Roughing Out the Blank
    • 3. Profiling The Knife Blank
    • 4. Sharpening Drill Bits (BONUS PRO TIP)
    • 5. Grinding The Bevels
    • 6. Heat Treating
    • 8. Stoning the Blade
    • 9. Blade Etching
    • 10. Attaching The Scales
    • 11. Mountain Tread Finishing Scales
    • 12. Kydex Sheath
    • 13. Final Edge Sharpening
    • 14. Final Thoughts
  • 3
    BONUS DOWNLOAD: The $155 Knife Shop

Meet Your Instructor

  • James Gibson

    Outdoor Skills Instructor

    James Gibson

    James Gibson is an ABS journeyman knife maker and designers of several knives for the ESEE brand. Born and raised in the Smoky Mountains, James has a passion for the outdoors that led him learning survival skills in 1976, then knife making in the early 1980’s, and later, flintknapping. He’s trained with legendary outdoorsmen such as Tom Brown, Steve Watts, and Mors Kochanski and even holds a 6th degree black belt in Ninpo Tai-Jutsu under famed Ninja Grandmaster Masaaki Hatsumi. James Gibson is an instructor at Randall’s Adventure & Training (ESEE Knives) and owner of Knob Creek Forge in Seymour, Tennessee.