Connect, Feed, Steward

Take the next step on YOUR Hunter's Journey and increase your self-reliance.

The Hunter's Journey is for YOU if:

  • You want to feel the EMPOWERMENT of successfully harvesting meat to bring home to your family and community.

  • You want to hunt for food, but believe ETHICS & STEWARDSHIP must come first.

  • You have never hunted before, or are a beginner hunter looking for guides to help you learn and overcome your unique barriers and challenges to getting started.

  • You want to increase your SELF-RELIANCE while being a steward of the land.

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Not only will you have access to dozens of videos, checklists & guidebooks showing you step-by-step the pathway to learn how to hunt, you will also learn tips that will cut YEARS off of your learning curve.
Get Lifetime Access to All the Course Resources

Chris Glimour

Chris has been hunting for over a decade and harvested his first deer with a bow and arrow he made himself. He strives to harvest a significant amount of his families food from the land in a sustainable manner. Today he hunts a mix of big and small game as well as waterfowl. He hunts with traditional bows, crossbows and firearms. "Hunting to me is about so many things, it is part of my identity as a human. To me, hunting is about a deep connection to the land, being part of the food chain, providing for my family while being a steward of the earth, and achieving self-reliance and independence from the modern industrial food system."
Chris Glimour

Meet Your Instructor

  • Chris Gilmour

    Found & Lead Trainer, Changing World

    Chris Gilmour

    Chris is the founder and lead trainer at Changing World, a consulting and training firm helping both individuals and organizations adapt and thrive in our changing world and climate. They focus on emergency preparedness planning, sustainable and resilient design, and training in survival skills, emergency response and self-reliance. Chris brings a very diverse skill set and life experience to all his courses, consulting and training, including: 12 years as Wilderness & Urban Survival Instructor, 14 years as a Back-Country Wilderness Guide, 10 years living-on and building a modern day homestead where he grows food & medicinal herbs using permaculture and forest gardening techniques. 6 years experience running emergency exercises and training with government and private organizations. Chris is also a life-long martial artist, certified wildlife tracker, teacher at Sir Sanford Fleming College and has a strong background in ecology.

Course Curriculum

  • 1
    Start Here - Welcome to The Hunter's Journey
    • Terms & Conditions, Disclaimers, and Waiver of Liability
    • Instructor Welcome Message
    • Welcome Video from Chris
  • 2
    Lesson 1: Starting Your Hunter's Journey
    • Podcast - 8 Aspects of The Hunter's Journey
    • New Hunter Checklist; Essential Steps in Getting Started {PDF Download}
    • 5 Ways to be More Sustainable as Hunters
    • YOUR Hunter's Jounrey: Reflective Questions
    • The Hunter's Dictionary ~ Learn Important Hunting Terminology
    • 4 Hunting Terms for New Hunters
  • 3
    Lesson 2: Hunting Legally, Understanding Liscenses, Tags & More...
    • Understanding USA Hunting Regulations
    • USA Hunter's Education Courses by State
    • Intro to Canadian Hunting Regulations
    • Ontario, Canada Hunting Regulations
  • 4
    Lesson 3: Hunting Clothes & Foundational Gear
  • 5
    Lesson 5 - Foundations of Awareness & Movement
  • 6
    Lesson 4: Before You Start, Survival & Navigation
    • Don't Get Lost - An Introduction to Navigation
    • Survival Part 1: Priorities & Mindset
    • Survival Part 2: Gear
    • Survival Part 3: Applying the Skills, Setting Camp & Signal for Help
  • 7
    Lesson 5: Finding & Scouting Land
    • Part 1 -Using Maps & Satelight Images to Plan a Hunt
    • Part 2 -Using Maps & Satelight Images to Plan a Hunt
    • Scouting for Deer Hunting 101
  • 8
    Lesson 6: Choosing Your Hunting Strategy
  • 9
    Lesson 7: Getting Ready for Your First Hunt
  • 10
    Lesson 8: Deer Hunting, Processing & Butchering (applicable to many other big game as well)
    • White-tail Deer Tracking Guide
    • How Aware are Deer?
    • Choosing Productive Deer Hunting Spots ~ Woodland Habitat FREE PREVIEW
    • Late Season Deer Hunting Tactics
    • Trailing a Deer after a Shot
    • Field Dressing Your Deer & Getting it Home
    • Removing the Deer's Hide
    • Butchering Part 1 - The Front Legs
    • Butchering Part 2: The Backstrap & Loins
    • Butchering Part 3 - Neck, Ribs & Heart
    • Butchering Part 4 - Neck, Heart & Ribs
    • Butchering Part 5 - Different Cuts of Meat
    • Butchering Part 6 - The Rear Quarter
    • Butchering Part 7 - Sinew
    • Transporting a Deer with Paracord
  • 11
    Lesson 9: Intro to Small Game Hunting
    • Intro to Squirrel Hunting
    • Rabbit Tracking Guide
    • How to Process a Rabbit
    • One Way to Cook a Rabbit
  • 12
    Lesson 10: Waterfowl Hunting (Ducks & Geese)
    • Intro to Waterfowl Hunting
    • Intro to Duck Calling
    • Intro to Goose Calling
    • Intro to Woodland & Small Pond Duck Hunting