An A-Z beginners chainsaw safety & maintenance course that covers everything from getting started to troubleshooting in the field. A must-watch course for all chainsaw owners!

I'll teach you Basic Chainsaw Safety & Maintenance!


Course Objectives

What can you expect to learn?

  • How to sharpen a Chainsaw

  • How to select and mix fuel

  • How to assemble your own Field Sawing Kit

  • Chip Forecasting!

  • How to service the Powerhead

  • How to clean & maintain the chainsaw bar

  • And more!


Master the Chain, Master the Saw

Mastering chain maintenance and sharpening is critical to becoming proficient with using a chainsaw. In this course, Robert Onken will teach you everything you need to know about maintaining, changing, and sharpening your chainsaw chain! Learn unique tips and tricks from over 30 years of field tested experience!

Meet Your Instructor

  • Robert Onken

    Owner, Self-Reliant Mindset

    Robert Onken

    Robert Onken is the owner of Self-Reliant Mindset, a homestead preparedness collective. Rob is a Certified Outdoor Skills Instructor through Campcraft Outdoors and former Scout Troop Leader. He has over thirty years of experience in the outdoors and has a passion for farming, homesteading, and all things mechanical. His family lives a self-reliant lifestyle on a hobby farm in Central Illinois. Visit them online at

Course Curriculum

  • 1
    • Terms & Conditions, Disclaimer, and Waiver of Liability
  • 2
    CHAINSAW 101: Basic Safety & Maintenace
    • 1. Saw Selection and Safety
    • 2. Field Maintenance Tools
    • 3. Servicing the Powerhead
    • 4. Bar Cleaning And Maintenance-1
    • 5. Fuel Selection
    • 6. Chain Sharpening
    • 7. Hacks for Fueling Up
    • 8. Field Sawing Kit
    • 9. Chip Forecasting
    • 10. Completion