The 5-Week Bushcraft Athlete

You + Nature + a Proven Training Program = The 5-Week Bushcraft Athelete. Leverage the combined expertise of two experienced woodsmen and fitness trainers to set a new course with your physical and mental toughness.

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    LIFETIME ACCEESS + Meal, Supplement, & WorkOut Plans

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A message from Father/Son Instructor Team - Jason & Ethan Hunt

Training Philosophy

Whether you’re trying to lose weight, get stronger or just wanting to tone up for the trail, following this program will start you on the journey to fitness transformation. Developing Mental Toughness is a key part of all outdoor survival skills training. By enduring physically difficult tasks, you develop the type of toughness needed to survive. We’ll be honest, this is a no fluff, no excuses program. Jason has been in the fitness and outdoor industries for over 20 years, and he has seen exactly what works and what doesn't — and he has teamed with other professionals who have distilled their research into a proven express transformation program. So, if you're someone who doesn't want to work hard, or if you make excuses for why you missed a workout, then this just isn't for you. And, if you don't want to transform your body and hopefully your life, then this isn't for you either. If you are ready to work hard and make a 5- week (35 day) commitment to yourself to transform physically, mentally, and emotionally- then this is your program! It’s you against you…

Course Deliverables

What to Expect!

  • 5 weeks of Workouts: daily workout schedules outlining exactly what to do for weeks 1-5

  • Meal Planning Guide [DOWNLOAD]: meal plans and nutrition principles that come from of years of research into what it takes to burn fat and build lean muscle

  • Supplementation Guide [DOWNLOAD]: supplementation guidelines (and recommended supplements) for those that already incorporate or wish to incorporate dietary supplements into their health and fitness regimen

  • Exercise Demonstrations [50 + Training Videos]

  • How to create equipment in the Field [Using Natural elements such as logs, stones, and Bushcraft Skills]

  • [Bonus] Transformation Program Invitation


Use Bushcraft Skills such as knots and lashings to make your outdoor gym equipment for exercises such as curls and rows. All instructional videos included! Other natural elements used in training are stumps, logs, stones, and body weight.

What are other students saying?

  • Go From "Feast Mode" To "Beast Mode" In A Matter of Weeks...

    Tony Spencer

    After trying numerous workout routines and other training fads over the past few years, The 5-Week Bushcraft Athlete course offers a fun and challenging prog...

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    After trying numerous workout routines and other training fads over the past few years, The 5-Week Bushcraft Athlete course offers a fun and challenging program that is suitable for all levels. This thought out and well organized training program can be modified to suit your personal fitness level and goals while being performed at the local commercial gym, home gym, or better yet, in the great outdoors. Invest in yourself and get in the best shape of your life!

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The Bushcraft Athlete Portfolio

In addition to step-by-step safety and exercise training videos for the weekly workouts, our course also includes our Bushcraft Athlete Portfolio. These downloadable guides are designed to help you build out a complete lifestyle-centric training and fitness regimen. From suggested supplements to weekly meal plans, these guides answer many common questions that people have while implementing a fitness program.

Meet Your Trainers!

Jason & Ethan Hunt

Jason & Ethan Hunt are a father-son duo, that are not only highly skilled Survival Instructors, but nationally Certified Fitness Trainers with specializations in Bootcamp Fitness, Sports Injury Management, Strength Conditioning, Martial Arts, and Wilderness Medicine. The coaches help individuals transform their lives through the 5-week Campcraft Fitness Express Program that teaches people how to work-out in the outdoors using bushcraft, rescue, and tactical skills exercises so they may increase their level of personal fitness and live a healthier lifestyle. We accomplish this through online group coaching, ruck training, and field workouts, meal plans, supplement plans, video demonstrations, and a recipe book. We believe that this training will enable people to live as they were meant to live- To Conquer All!
Meet Your Trainers!

5-Week Course Curriculum

  • 1
    WELCOME + Course Downloads
    • Welcome to the Buscraft Fitness Course!
    • [DOWNLOAD] Welcome Packet
    • [DOWNLOAD] Meal Plan
    • [DOWNLOAD] CAMPCRAFT Supplement Guide
    • Landing Page
  • 2
    Exercise Demonstrations: Week 1 & 2 [Break-In Period]
    • [DOWNLOAD] Program Workouts Weeks 1 & 2
    • 1. The Warm Up
    • 2. Making Ruck Weights
    • 3. Ruck Squat with Overhead Press
    • 4. Reverse Lunge with Bicep Curls
    • 5. Ruck Squat with Row
    • 6. Ruck Pushup
    • 7. Renegade Row
    • 8. Ruck High Pull with Wide Squat
    • 9. Spiderman Planks
    • 10. Squat Jumps
    • 11. Suicide Planks
    • 12. Burpee
    • 13. Mountain Jumpers
    • 14. Prisoner Lunge with Rotation
    • 15. Jumping Lunge
    • 16. Ruck Triceps Extension
    • 17. Single Leg Ruck Step Up with Bicep Curl
    • 18. Ruck Squat with Bent Over Rear Raise
    • 19. Bent Over Ruck Row
    • 20. Chest Press
    • 21. Overhead One Legged Step Up
    • 22. Grasshoppers
    • 23. Squat Thrusts
    • 24. Mountain Climbers
  • 3
    Exercise Demonstrations: Weeks 3,4, & 5
    • [DOWNLOAD] Program Workouts Weeks 3,4 & 5
    • 1. Arnold Press
    • 2. Side_Front Raise Combo
    • 3. Ruck Renegade Row with Push Up
    • 4. Stone Squats
    • 5. Stone Reverse Lunge
    • 6. Stone One Leg Step Up
    • 7. Stone Split Squat
    • 8. Walking Lunge
    • 9. Bootstrappers
    • 10. One Legged Hip Raise
    • 11. Dirty Dogs
    • 12. Dirty Dog with a Kick
    • 13. Lashing Your Equipment Together
    • 14. Using Simple Machines- Pulls, Extensions, Rows, and Curls
    • 15. Stone Bent Over Raise
    • 16. Stone Bent Over Row
    • 17. Stone Bicep Curls
    • 18. Staff Bicep Curls
    • 19. Ruck Burpee
    • 20. Ruck Squat with Row
    • 21. Stone Chest Flyes
    • 22. Stone Shoulder Press
    • 24. Stone Seated Tricep Extension
    • 25. Squat to Overhead Press with Rotation
    • 26. T Stabilizers
    • 27. Close Grip Pushups
    • 28. Log Dips
    • 29. Ruck Tree Squat
  • 4
    Thank You & Next Steps!
    • An Invitation from Your Trainers - Jason & Ethan