Making Wild Game Tender

Hello Y'all! I'm Stacy Lyn Harris. Welcome to this course and my home kitchen, where I'll teach you how to tenderize and cook tough cuts of wild game meat. We'll be focusing on venison but everything I teach can be applied to other wild game meats as well. Course length: 18-minutes.

Bonus Tips, Tricks, & Recipes

In addition to teaching you my 4 methods for tenderizing wild game meats, I'm also including an 8-page PDF download that includes my best tips, tricks, and recipes for helping on this journey. These include instructions for marinades and dry rubs and even a recipe for my Super Simple Red Wine Braised Venison (and more).
Bonus Tips, Tricks, & Recipes

Meet Your Instructor

  • Stacy Lyn Harris

    Author, Host, Wild Chef

    Stacy Lyn Harris

    Stacy Lyn Harris is a best selling cookbook author, blogger, speaker, wife, and mother of seven children. She regularly co-hosts on cable and broadcast television series as a guest chef and sustainable expert as well as contributor to various national publications. For more information, subscribe to her website, and follow her on your favorite social networks @stacylynharris.

Course curriculum

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    Course Material
    • 4 Methods for Making Tough Cuts of Wild Game Tender
    • [DOWNLOAD] 8-Pages of Stacy Lyn's Tips, Tricks, and Recipes!