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Master the Art of Flint & Steel Fire Starting!

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Start Fires Like the Mountain Men & Women from the 1800s

Learn how to start a fire using one of the coolest (and oldest) techniques in the world - with a ROCK and a PIECE OF METAL.

  • Learn how to find your own flint rock!

  • Learn how to strike flint with carbon steel to create a spark!

  • Learn how to make Char Cloth!

  • Learn how to ignite Char Cloth and start a fire!

What are other students saying?

  • Flin and steel

    Steve Harrod



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  • Flin and steel

    Steve Harrod

    Understandable and I learnd more than I thought I would. Thanks Creek.

    Understandable and I learnd more than I thought I would. Thanks Creek.

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Course curriculum

  • 1
    Welcome to Flint, Steel, & Char Cloth Class!
    • Welcome message from Creek!
  • 2
    Flint & Steel 101
    • Identifying & Preparing Flint for Flint & Steel
    • Flint & Steel: The Mountain Man Way
  • 3
    Char Cloth Mastery
    • Char Cloth: The Basics
    • Charred Natural Materials
    • Char Cloth Using Improvised Trash
    • Charring Using Open Top Container
    • Aluminum Foil Char
    • Flat Rock Char FREE PREVIEW
    • Char Hole
    • Japanese Cone Kiln Charcoal Pit
    • False Tinder Fungus
    • Char Rope
    • Don't Throw Away Your Fire Tools (BONUS FOOTAGE)
    • Q & A: Creek Talks About Natural Charred Materials
  • 4
    • Final Thoughts

Meet Your Instructor

  • Creek Stewart

    Wilderness Survival Instructor

    Creek Stewart

    Creek Stewart is a Wilderness Survival Instructor, Author, and Television Host. He currently hosts the hit show SOS HOW TO SURVIVE on The Weather Channel and is the owner of Willow Haven Outdoor Survival School in Central Indiana.