Add speed, power, and durability to ANY wooden bow in under 2-hours!

Learn this simple and inexpensive [yet very powerful] method for backing your wooden bow to add speed, performance, and durability!

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Why back a wooden bow?

Many primitive and ancient cultures backed their wooden bows to add durability and performance. Different materials were used including sinew, snakeskin, and rawhide. In this course, Bowyer Dave Mead, will teach you how to back your own wooden bow using common, inexpensive, and natural materials. He'll also show you how to make your own natural HIDE GLUE using Gelatine Packets. Did you know that Gelatin is actually boiling animal hides in powdered form? Hide glue is what many primitive cultures would have used to back their own bows.
Why back a wooden bow?

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  • Great

    Jerry Landis

    Good content, easy going style.

    Good content, easy going style.

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  • How to Back a Bow

    Jean-Alain Virginie

    Loving it. I'm in Australia and will have to find similar materials here. Thank you.

    Loving it. I'm in Australia and will have to find similar materials here. Thank you.

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  • Appropriate

    Thomas Colstad

    well explained

    well explained

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Course curriculum

  • 1
    Welcome to Class!
    • Welcome & a few important notes.
    • Materials
  • 2
    Backing Your Bow
    • STEP 1: Preparing Your Bow
    • STEP 2: Preparing Materials & Backing Your Bow
    • STEP 3: Finishing & Detailing
  • 3
    Final Thoughts
    • Testing, Next Steps, & Final Thoughts

Materials Needed to Finish Course Project:

Backing Materials:

  1. Knox gelatin 4 packets = 1 small box at grocery store/Walmart $1.50
  2. Heavy Duty Canvas Drop Cloth 6x9 for $9.99 at Walmart (any size will do but get heavy duty) all can be found  on Amazon as well
  3. Water


  1. scissors
  2. file
  3. mug/jar
  4. pot or warmer/double boiler

Meet Your Instructor

  • Dave  Mead


    Dave Mead

    Dave Mead is the founder of Mead Longbows, a renowned bowyer, author and illustrator. Dave has been teaching how to build beautiful high-performance bows for many years. His work has been featured in countless on and off-line publications including Primitive Archer Magazine and American Survival Guide Magazine.

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