Build the Ultimate Pocket Survival Tin

Never be completely separated from your gear with a 6 once tin you can carry on your body. This Ditch kit is completely capable of meeting your Survival needs for 24-72 hours. This course is perfect for Hunters, Fishermen, Hikers, or Paddlers who spend time in the back country and are already overloaded with gear.

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A Pocket Survival Kit Like You've Never Seen Before!


Course Highlights

What can you expect to learn?

  • Optimize a small knife by learning how to haft a handle in the field!

  • Learn how to modify and pack a 24-inch saw blade to build a full-size bow saw in the field!

  • Learn how to fabricate 2 types of full-sized saws in the field: Bow Saw & Buck Saw!

  • Understand Tool Progression and learn how one tool helps to build the next.

  • Learn how to pack and use a heat resistant water container that is commonly available!

  • Learn to build a custom kit using modified components to optimize space!

  • Also learn how to build a mini kit using unmodified commercially available components.

  • Learn how to build a budget friendly kit that great for gifts or for outfitting large groups.

Use modified tools to build full-size gear!

It all fits in a pocket sized candy tin!

From custom hafted knives to full-size saw frame, Jamie teaches how to modify tools in never-seen-before ways so that you can build incredible tools from your survival tin in the field!
Use modified tools to build full-size gear!


Make Your Own Mini Tin Custom Knife

As a BONUS SKILL in this course, Jamie teaches how to make your own Mini Tin Custom Knife from a readily available Paint Scraper! No fancy tools required! Haft a handle on this knife in the field for a FULL-SIZED TOOL!

Meet Your Instructors

  • James Boggs

    Owner, Burning River Bushcraft

    James Boggs

    James was raised in an outdoor life style. He grew up shooting, hunting, fishing, camping and trapping at every opportunity. After 20 years as a competitive shooter he retired from competition after winning an IDPA State Title. He continues to teach firearm classes as an NRA instructor. James has studied short and long term wilderness skills, urban survival, wilderness first aid, herbal medicine, botany and wildcrafting, green woodworking, knapping, blacksmithing, bladesmithing, bowmaking and trapping. He is passionate about learning, testing and developing new skills. He enjoys passing on these skills either in person, as an Instructor at Campcraft Outdoors, through YouTube and Online courses. If he is not working on a new skill or sitting silently in a tree stand watching a game trail, he is probably spending time with his wife of over 20 years and their two kids.

Course curriculum

  • 1
    New Chapter
    • Kit Overview & Course Expectations
  • 2
    Building the Kit [MODIFIED COMPONENTS]
    • Cutting Tool
    • Fire Tools
    • Water Tools
    • Miscellaneous Kit Items
    • Food Gathering Tools
    • Shelter and Cordage Equipment
    • 24-Inch Bow Saw Blade Modification & Instructions
    • The Ultimate Survival Tin Using Modified Components
  • 3
    Building the Kit [UNMODIFIED COMPONENTS]
    • Using Factory Components that Require No Modification
    • How to Build an Inexpensive Beginner's Kit
  • 4
    • BONUS VIDEO: How to make your own Survival Tin Knife from a Paint Scraper and a few simple hand tools
  • 5
    Expert Level Course Content
    • Progression of Tools - Assembling your own tools in the field
    • Expert Level Tool Tips & Tricks
    • Kit Carry Options
  • 6
    Final Thoughts
    • Show Me Your Kits!