Learn how to build a Quinzee Snow Shelter!

Whether just winter camping for fun or trying to survive a cold weather scenario, the Quinzee Snow Shelter is one that every 4-season outdoorsman or woman should know! In this course you'll learn exactly how to (and how not to) build a survival snow shelter that could save your life.

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I'll teach you how to build a Quinzee Snow Shelter!


Course Objectives

What can you expect to learn?

  • Text length of individual points can be shorter or longer depending on your needs

  • How to choose a safe shelter location!

  • How to save LOADS of time & energy with one simple building HACK!

  • How to size your Quinzee Shelter.

  • Learn the importance of "THROW-PACKING".

  • How to make sure your roof is even all throughout.

  • How to speed up the carving-out process by using MULTIPLE entrances.

  • Understand "SINTERING" and how to build a Quinzee that is SAFE.

  • Learn about the importance of ventilation and oxygen exchange!

  • Learn how to build a WINTER Survival Snow Shelter that could SAVE YOUR LIFE!


In survival, time and energy are your most precious resources. This course is PACKED with experience-based HACKS that will save you both! Learn several building tips and tricks that will shave hours of time and 1000s of calories off any Quinzee Shelter Build. From improvised shoveling to interior excavation and everything in between, Frank's experience as a Survival Instructor shines in this step-by-step in-the-field video course!


Sometimes, learning what NOT to do is just as important as learning what TO do. For example, a common mistake many people make is shaping the Quinzee with a PEAK as shown in the photo. This creates excess snow load that could cause a Quinzee to collapse and suffocate anyone inside. Frank covers tips like this and many others inside!
Watch Intro Video

How Many People Can Fit Inside a Quinzee!!!


What is a Quinzee?

A Quinzee is an Athabaskan-style shelter that originates in the cold Northern Regions of Alaska and Canada.  It is made from hollowing out a shelter cavity in a man-made pile of snow.  

In any winter survival situation, there are two important things to remember.  The first is that your own body heat is one of your most important assets.  The second is that snow is a great insulator.  A quinzee snow shelter is a great way to take advantage of both whether you are in an actual cold-weather survival scenario or just practicing your bushcraft and winter camping skills.

There are many key factors to consider when building a Quinzee Snow Shelter and all of them will be detailed and covered in this step-by-step video course.

Meet Your Instructor

  • Frank  Grindrod

    Owner, Earthwork Programs

    Frank Grindrod

    Frank Grindrod is a wilderness survival instructor, public speaker, and expedition leader who has been featured on ABC's Chronicle, as well as on Masslive and other local New England TV and radio. He has led trips in Alaska, the Rocky Mountains, and the Florida Everglades and Central America. He has also been an adjunct faculty member at Smith College and University of Georgia, where he taught Wilderness Survival courses. Grindrod is the owner of Earthwork Programs in New England and, for the last 20 years, he has trained thousands of people to become more capable in the wild.

Course Curriculum

  • 1
    Sneak Peek & Overview
    • Course Overview & Sneak Peek Inside Quinzee
    • Terms & Conditions, Disclaimers, and Waiver of Liability
  • 2
    Quinzee Layout & Sizing
    • Choosing a Safe Location & Building Site
    • How to Size Your Quinzee Shelter
  • 3
    Building the Quinzee (Steps, Hacks, Tips, & More!)
    • BUILDING HACK: How to Pile Gear to Save Loads of Time & Energy
    • What is SINTERING? + Creating Your "Saucer" Shaped Platform
    • Using Snowshoes as an Improvised Snow Shovel
    • Importance of Maintaining Dome-Shaped Structure
    • Importance of Monitoring Body Temperature (Life-Saving Tip)
    • Importance of Creating Even Walls Throughout (+ COLD SINK)
    • Harvesting & Measuring Sticks + Placement Instruction
    • Finished Porqupine Stage + The Importance of Patience
    • How to Carve Out the Interior of Your Quinzee (+ How to Avoid Common Mistakes)
    • Sealing the Doors + Wind Protection + Raised Sleeping Platform with COLD SINK
    • Creating Air Hole for Oxygen Exchange
    • Finished Quinzee with Hardworking Crew
    • Clown Car Quinzee Fun