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Course includes full instruction for making your first Long Bow (with a total materials cost of under $10).

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From Stave to Target Practice in One Afternoon!

+ a Bonus Bow-Making Tool Tutorial

In this afternoon course, lifetime archer and teacher Hank Gevedon will teach you how to make your first Long Bow from a pine or oak stave that you can buy from your local hardware store (total materials cost under $10). He'll help you choose the stave and then walk you through the steps of profiling, carving, tillering, stringing, and shooting your new bow. As a bonus, he'll even show you how to make one of his favorite 'proprietary' bow-making tools - The Lino Rhino Hawk - for under $2.
From Stave to Target Practice in One Afternoon!

Course curriculum

  • 1
    • Welcome to the Class
    • Safety 101
    • Materials Overview
  • 2
    Shaping Your Long Bow
    • Process Overview & Nomenclature
    • Marking & Layout of the Stave
    • How to Make an Incredible Bowmaking Tool for Under $2
    • Profiling the Long Bow Limbs
    • Troubleshooting: Working around Knots
    • Hewing the Long Bow Belly
  • 3
    Nocks, Stringing, & Tillering
    • Carving Bow String Nocks
    • Refined Tillering and Thinning
    • Stringing Your Long Bow
    • A Discussion about Final Sanding & Finishing
  • 4
    Shooting Your New Long Bow
    • How to Shoot Your New Long Bow for the First Time
  • 5
    Next Steps
    • Final Thoughts & Next Steps

Make your own Long Bow!

Hank Gevedon distills a lifetime of archery knowledge into an easy-to-follow action packed afternoon course.

  • Learn how to buy your Long Bow stave from your local hardware store

  • Learn how to mark and layout the bow for shaping

  • Learn how to carve & shape the bow from start to finish

  • Learn how to string your new bow

  • Learn how to tiller your new bow for accurate shooting

  • Learn how to finish and shoot your new bow

  • BONUS: Learn how to make one of Hank's favorite Bow-Making Tools for under $2 in material cost (if you're going to make many bows in your life - this lesson alone is worth the price of the course)

  • And MORE!

Meet Your Instructor

  • Hank Gevedon

    Hank Gevedon

    Hank Gevedon has a Bachelor’s of Science in technology education, secondary education, as well as a Master’s degree in technical education, and a principalship in vocational education. He currently operates Reptile Toolworks in Mt. Vernon, KY, which manufactures outdoors and survival items and is the home of Whiskey Knives and other small batch blades.