Carve your own wooden fishing lures!

Instructor Jamie Boggs teaches how to carve 3 unique wooden fishing lures. Includes downloadable carving templates and step-by-step video tutorials for carving, painting, attaching hardware, and more!

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Carve your own fishing lures!

- Jamie Boggs -

Get ready for your new favorite hobby!

Learn how to carve your own lures.

In this course Jamie will teach you how to craft fishing lures from a variety of natural materials, using just a knife and common tools. These lures work just as well as mass produced lures that cost up to $8 a peice and can be easily modified to suit your fishing conditions. You will be carving 3 different lures with supplied patterns that require different carving techniques. You'll also learn how to tune the lure to achieve the desired action. Classic and custom paint techniques are also covered to give your lures a professional look. This class will enable you to carve a tackle box full of fish catching lures for a fraction of the price of store bought lures. And, you'll gain knowledge that will last for generations in the process!
Get ready for your new favorite hobby!

Who is this course for?

This course is perfect for anyone who enjoys wood carving, whittling, crafting, and fishing - or anyone who wants to learn more about any of those skills! Carving lures is a wonderful hobby, past-time, or even passion-based business. Preserve the nearly-forgotten skill of wooden lure carving by enrolling today!
Who is this course for?

Course Objectives

What can I expect to learn?

  • Learn to carve 3 different types of wooden lures (The ISS-SEE-KES, The Sandusky, and The Castalia) with step-by-step videos and downloadable templates

  • Learn about wood selection, including tree branches, lumberyard wood, and premium carving woods

  • Learn about Knife Selection & Carving Techniques

  • Learn how to make your own lure hardware using basic tools and wire

  • Learn about commercially available hardware components (and how to use them)

  • Learn tricks and tips for painting your lures

  • And more!

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Downloadable Carving Templates

Included in the course are free downloadable carving templates that take the guesswork out of carving these wooden fishing lures. Just print them out on your home computer and use them as patterns for many projects to come!
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Meet Your Instructor

  • James Boggs

    Owner, Burning River Bushcraft

    James Boggs

    James was raised in an outdoor life style. He grew up shooting, hunting, fishing, camping and trapping at every opportunity. After 20 years as a competitive shooter he retired from competition after winning an IDPA State Title. He continues to teach firearm classes as an NRA instructor. James has studied short and long term wilderness skills, urban survival, wilderness first aid, herbal medicine, botany and wildcrafting, green woodworking, knapping, blacksmithing, bladesmithing, bowmaking and trapping. He is passionate about learning, testing and developing new skills. He enjoys passing on these skills either in person, as an Instructor at Campcraft Outdoors, through YouTube and Online courses. If he is not working on a new skill or sitting silently in a tree stand watching a game trail, he is probably spending time with his wife of over 20 years and their two kids.

Course Curriculum

  • 1
    Welcome & Safety
    • Welcome to the course!
    • Materials Discussion
    • Knife Selection
    • Safety Discussion
    • Carving Techniques
    • [DOWNLOAD] BONUS Carving Template
  • 2
    Lure # 1: The ISS-SEE-KES
    • Wood Selection: Harvesting from the landscape
    • The ISS-SEE-KES: Step-by-Step Carving Tutorial
    • [BONUS VIDEO] Problems with Harvesting Natural Materials
    • Twisting the Eyes
    • Drilling for Eyes
    • Painting, Gluing, and Finishing
  • 3
    Lure # 2: The Sandusky
    • Wood Selection: Lumber Yard Materials
    • The Sandusky: Step-by-Step Carving Tutorial
    • Sanding and Tuning the Lure [Advanced Sanding Techniques]
    • Through Wire Attachment Technique
    • Advanced Painting Techniques: Part I
  • 4
    Lure # 3: The Castalia
    • Wood Selection: Premium Carving Woods
    • The Castalia: Step-by-Step Carving Tutorial
    • Advanced Painting Techniques: Part II
    • Incoporating Commercial Hardware Parts & Pieces
  • 5
    Closing Remarks & Next Steps
    • Thank you!