Cravat Bandaging Masterclass

Learn 25+ ways to splint, sling, and stabilize injuries in the back country using Traingular Cravat Bandages. Instructor: Dr. Jim Ausfahl

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Learn how to use a cravat bandage!

- with Dr. Jim Ausfahl -

Course Objectives

Below are just a few of the skills you can expect to learn!

  • Learn what a Triangular Bandage is and how to make your own.

  • Learn how to make a Cravat Bandage.

  • Learn how to make an Improvised Splint using a Cravat Bandage.

  • Learn how to Secure Splints using a Cravat Bandage.

  • Learn 2 different methods for slinging and stabilizing broken or injured arms.

  • Learn how to bandage the hand (2 ways), the upper arm, the lower arm, and the elbow!

  • Learn how to bandage the upper leg, lower leg, foot, and the knee!

  • Learn how to bandage the scalp, ears, eyes, jaw, chin, cheeks, and neck!

  • Learn how to bandage the hip, groin, chest, back, abdomen, and sides!

  • Learn how to use a cravat to stabilize a broken collar bone.


Urban Debris Mask

Learn step-by-step how to make and adjustable Urban Debris Mask using a bandana, a pipe-cleaner, some paper towel, and some string. An Urban Debris Mask can protect your airways and lungs from toxic ash, pollutants, and other harmful air-born particulates.

Who is this course for?

Whether you're preparing for a camping trip, hiking trip, or natural disaster, understanding how to bandage and/or stabilize injuries in the field is a critical first aid skill. Cravat bandaging requires hardly any materials (just a cotton cloth) and is a fun, interactive skill to learn. It can easily be mastered at the kitchen table and will offer a lifetime of value. This is a great course for all ages, including children.
Who is this course for?

Meet Your Instructor

  • Dr. Jim Ausfahl


    Dr. Jim Ausfahl

    Jim Ausfahl is board certified in three different areas of medicine (Family Practice, Occupational, and Environmental Medicine, and Addiction Medicine). He is also faculty at the University of Illinois College of Medicine in Peoria, IL as well as a published author.

Course Curriculum

  • 1
    • Welcome
    • The Triangle Bandage (And how to fold it into a Cravat)
    • Triangle Bandage Resource Link
  • 2
    Tourniquet, Splints, & Slings
    • How to Use a Cravat Bandage as an Improvised Tourniquet
    • Using Cravat Bandages to Secure a Splint
    • Creating Slings with Triangle Bandages
  • 3
    Body Bandaging: UPPER EXTREMETIES
    • How to bandage the ENTIRE HAND
    • How to bandage the PALM with use of fingers
    • How to bandage the ELBOW
    • How to bandage the UPPER and LOWER ARM
  • 4
    Body Bandaging: LOWER EXTREMETIES
    • How to bandage the FOOT
    • How to bandage the KNEE
    • How to bandage the UPPER and LOWER LEG
  • 5
    Body Bandaging: HEAD
    • How to bandage the SCALP
    • How to bandage the SIDES OF THE HEAD, BOTH EYES, and EARS
    • How to bandage a SINGLE EYE
    • How to bandage the CHEEKS, JAW, and CHIN
  • 6
    Body Bandaging: MAIN TORSO
    • How to bandage the ARMPIT
    • How to bandage the SHOULDER
    • How to bandage the CHEST and BACK
    • How to bandage the HIP
  • 7
    Body Bandaging: MISCELLANEOUS
    • How to bandage the COLLAR BONE
    • How to bandage the NECK
    • How to bandage BETWEEN THE LEGS and the GROIN
    • How to bandage the ABDOMEN and LOWER BACK
  • 8
    Thank You!
    • BONUS VIDEO: How to Make an Improvised Face Mask
    • Final Thoughts