Learn everything you need to know about how to identify, forage, process, and cook with acorns! Acorns were a staple in the diet of indigenous people and this course helps to preserve this incredible knowledge.

Just a few of the skills you'll learn!

[Over 1 hour of video instruction + Downloadable Recipes]

  • How to Identify Different Oak Trees

  • How to tell the difference between a GOOD and BAD acorn while harvesting

  • How to crack and hull acorns

  • How to grind acorns into flour at home (+ drying and storing)

  • A simple method for cold leaching bitter tannins from acorns at home

  • DOWNLOAD a few a Sarah's tried and true Acorn Recipes!


Download some of Sarah's Favorite Acorn Recipes

From Acorn Rosemary Lemon Shortbread to made from scratch Acorn Crackers, Sarah shares with you a few of her favorite acorn recipes in an easy to follow downloadable recipe sheet with ingredients lists and instructions! Learn how to harvest and process acorns and then use these recipes to put your fresh acorn flour to use!

Meet Your Instructor

  • Sarah Barnett

    Wild Forager

    Sarah Barnett

    Sarah Barnett is an avid wild forager with a passion for sharing and preserving the knowledge of how to harvest, prepare, and eat nature's wild foods. Connect with Sarah on INSTAGRAM: @wolfbabe666

Course Curriculum

  • 1
    Welcome & What to Expect
    • Welcome to the course!
    • Course Objectives
  • 2
    Oak and Acorn Identification & Grading
    • ACORNS: The Good, Bad, and the Rotten
    • How to Identify an Oak Tree
  • 3
    Getting Started
    • What You'll Need
    • Gathering Acorns
  • 4
    Grinding, Processing, Leaching, Drying, & Storing Acorns
    • Cracking Acorns
    • Grinding Acorns
    • Drying Your Acorn Flour
    • Storing Your Acorn Flour
  • 5
    Final Thoughts and Recipes
    • Final Thoughts
    • [DOWNLOAD] Sarah's Tried & True Beginner Acorn Recipes
    • [DOWNLOAD] Sarah's List of Acorn Resources