Start Growing Your Own Medicinal Herbs!

Certified Naturopathic Herbalist Alyson Maier teaches how ANYONE (even if you have limited space) can grow, harvest, prepare, store, and use Medicinal Herbs. Perfect for beginning herbalists, Alyson shares her top Kitchen & Medicinal Herbs. 2.5 hours long.

Watch Intro Video

Learn how to build your own Medicinal Herb Garden!

with Alyson Maier

Course Objectives

What can you expect to learn?

  • Learn how to be more self-sufficient by growing your own medicinal (and kitchen) herbs

  • Learn how to look after your family's health using herbs that you grow and store at home

  • Learn how to make an HERBAL TINCTURE [ Video Lesson + BONUS DOWNLOAD GUIDE]

  • Learn how to build a garden full of therapeutic plants

  • Learn what therapeutic constituents exist within a select number of plants

  • Learn how to identify a variety of key therapeutic plants

  • Learn proven recipes to use within your home using the plants you have grown

  • Learn the TOP 10 Herbs for the beginning herbalist & how to use them [BONUS Printable Download]

  • Learn how to properly and safely dry and store your herbs for use all year long

  • And so much more!!!

Who is this course for?

This course is specifically designed for the Beginner Herbalist.  Even with limited space (even a balcony), you can begin your herbal journey of planting, harvesting, storing, preparing, and using your own medicinal and kitchen herbs.  Alyson covers everything you need to know to hit the ground running, including what herbs to start with (and what they're used for), how to grow your herbs in pots, how to grow your herbs in garden beds, how (and when) to harvest your herbs, how to safely dry your herbs, how to properly store them in your home apothecary, and how to prepare them for use - and everything in between!

Watch Intro Video

Take a quick tour of my Spring Herb Garden!

Anyone can grow Medicinal Herbs - EVEN with limited space!

How to Make a Tincture


Tincturing allows you to preserve your medicinal goodness for a very long time in a very shelf-stable way (if done correctly). By macerating your plant material in a chosen solvent/menstruum you will be able to extract the active, therapeutic constituents out of the plant into the liquid solvent to be later administered orally or topically. Tinctures allow you to administer a medicinally therapeutic dose of a herb in a small quantity, and takes far less space to store long-term, then dried plant material.
How to Make a Tincture

TOP 10 HERBS for the beginner herbalist


Although I cover numerous herbs within the video portion of the course, I'm also including a BONUS DOWNLOAD detailing the TOP 10 HERBS to experiment with as a beginner herbalist. In this guide I detail what they can be used for and how to prepare them! This is the "Quick Start" guide to building your herbal apothecary once you've learned all of the growing, harvesting, storing, and preparation techniques in the video portions of the course.
TOP 10 HERBS for the beginner herbalist

Herb Profile Guides


Included in your course are a variety of HERB PROFILE GUIDES which detail the identifying features AND uses of these herbs. These are perfect to download, print, and include in your Herbal Resource Binder.
Herb Profile Guides

Meet Your Instructor

  • Alyson Maier

    Naturopathic Herbalist

    Alyson Maier

    Alyson is a certified and registered Naturopathic Herbalist and Shamanic Practitioner, who is passionate about holistic and natural approaches to health. She grew up on a rural property on Australia’s east coast and always enjoyed being outdoors and in nature. She originally trained in Oncology as a Medical Radiation Therapist, but her true calling was returning to her roots in the natural world. Alyson is now the founder and Chief Naturopath at Green Heart Herbals where she grows, harvests and uses a large percentage of her home grown or wild-crafted herbal medicines to stock her personal apothecary.

Planting & Growing

Harvesting & Drying

Storing & Using

Course Curriculum

  • 1
    • Course Waiver
    • Introduction
    • Let's take a look at my herb garden at the beginning of spring!
    • Formal Introduction and Course Overview
    • Summer Garden Walkthrough
  • 2
    How to Grow a Potted Herb Garden
    • Growing in Pots & Soil Basics
    • Mediterranian Herb Pots
    • Propogation
    • Propogation BONUS clip
    • Downloadable Herb Information Sheets
  • 3
    Making a Garden Bed
    • Too many plants but not enough space
    • Being resourceful and sustainable
    • Progressing with our vision
    • Marking out and designing the Garden bed
  • 4
    • Planting Inula helenium seeds
    • Planting Calendula Officinalis
    • Germination of Californian Poppy
  • 5
    It's Time to Harvest
    • Harvesting Calendula Officinalis
    • Additional information Calendula officinalis
    • Californian Poppy
    • California Poppy Seed Saving
    • Comfrey
    • Marshmallow
    • BONUS Herbal Information Sheet Downloads
  • 6
    • Harvesting Equipment
    • Processing Herbs Download
  • 7
    • Drying your herbs
  • 8
    • Storage
  • 9
    • Tincturing Basics
    • Straining and bottling Inula helenium
    • BONUS straining and bottling Calendula tincture
    • Tincture Information Sheet Download
  • 10
    BONUS Recipes
    • Making an infused oil
    • Making a herbal salve
    • Elderberry Syrup Recipe: INTRODUCTION
    • Elderberry Syrup Recipe: RECIPE USING DRIED BERRIES
    • Elderberry Information Sheet Download
  • 11
    • Final closing thoughts and a message on sustainable pratices
    • BONUS: My TOP 10 Herb Recommendations for Beginning Herbalists! [DOWNLOAD]