Leathercrafting 101

In this course, you'll not only make a knife sheath similar to the ones made for high-end custom knives, but you'll learn the fundamentals and basic techniques of working with leather.

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  • Leather working

    Steve Harrod

    A nice class glad I took it. Thanks

    A nice class glad I took it. Thanks

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What You'll Learn:

This course can be the foundation for a lifelong hobby (or business) in the incredible field of leatherworking. Kevin has taught many students how to make their own items to wear and use every day. Putting a knife in a sheath you made or wearing a belt you cut from a whole hide are both great ways to start your morning, you can do this!

  • Learn how to design and make your own patterns!

  • Learn how to select the type, grade, and thickness of leather needed!

  • Learn how to wet mold and shape leather!

  • Learn how to hand-stitch leather using simple tools & techniques!

  • Learn an alternative age old method of coloring hides used by pioneers!

  • And so much more!

On & Off Line Resources

All course videos can be watched on a desktop computer, tablet, or smartphone. A downloadable Materials Checklist is included within the course for your convenience.
On & Off Line Resources

Course curriculum

  • 1
    • Welcome & What to Expect
    • SAFETY Briefing
  • 2
    Materials & Tools
    • Materials Selection Part 1: Basic Tools [with DOWNLOADABLE MATERIALS LIST]
    • Materials Selection Part 2: Shaping & Design
    • Materials Selection Part 3: Gluing & Clamping
    • Leather Selection: Part 1
    • Leather Selection: Part 2
  • 3
    Sheath Design & Layout
    • Layout & Design: Part 1
    • Layout & Design: Part 2
    • Cutting Out Sheath & Welt
  • 4
    Stitching Belt Loop
    • Stitching the Belt Loop: Part 1
    • Stitching the Belt Loop: Part 2
    • Stitching the Belt Loop: Part 3
  • 5
    Sheath Assembly
    • Wet Molding Your Leather Sheath
    • Gluing and Clamping
    • Shaping
    • Stiching Sheath: Part 1 [WITH DOWNLOAD ILLUSTRATION]
    • Stiching Sheath: Part 2
  • 6
    Finishing, Detailing, and Dying
    • Slicking Edges
    • Finish Overveiw
    • Black Dye [Vinegar Based]
    • Light Tan Dye
  • 7
    Next Steps
    • Thank You and Wrap Up

Meet Your Instructor

  • Kevin Luebke

    Outdoorsman & Leathercrafter

    Kevin Luebke

    Kevin has had a lifelong interest in the outdoors. His hobbies include hiking, canoeing, beekeeping and leatherwork. He has drawn great inspiration from the life and mindset of Daniel Boone, growing up not far from his final homestead in Missouri. Kevin has been making his own belts, knives, knife sheaths and other leather gear for over a decade. He has also served as a volunteer instructor teaching leather work to kids and young adults in his community.