Take care of your tools & they will take care of you!

Woodsman and Outdoor Skills Instructor, Jamie Burleigh, teaches his unique process for restoring worn wooden tool handles OR re-finishing new ones. This afternoon project creates a tool handle ready for a lifetime of faithful service.

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Check out this Axe Handle Transformation!

Course Objectives

What you can expect to learn!

  • How to make & use a CARD SCRAPER for effectively removing old and new tool handle finishes. (This is a tool you can use over and over again.)

  • How to FLAME burn a personalized and uniqe pattern onto the wood of your tool handle.

  • How to Make Jamie's PINE TAR HANDLE SYRUP to create the perfect protective finish on any tool handle.

  • How to RESTORE the handle of axes and other tools that most people would throw away!

  • How to REFINISH brand new axe handle and remove the factory varnish so it doesn't give your hands hot spots.

  • And more!


Pine Tar Handle Syrup Recipe

Learn how to make Jamie's PINE TAR HANDLE SYRUP - a propriety blend of pine tar and other key ingredients to make a handle finishing treatment that not only looks amazing but that will protect your tool handles for years to come!



Scraping handles with a knife will dull and ruin any knife blade! Learn step-by-step how to make a CARD SCRAPER. A card scraper is a tool specifically designed to scrape away the new or worn wooden handle finish and ready it for styling and refinishing. Jamie walks you through the simple (but not obvious) steps for using a file (and side of a screwdriver) to make your own at home. This is a tool you'll use over and over again for refinishing tool handles.

Meet Your Instructor

  • Jamie Burleigh

    Outdoor Skills Instructor and maker of fine rustic goods

    Jamie Burleigh

    Jamie L. Burleigh is a founder of The Old World Alliance operating from Port Huron, Michigan. He is a staff instructor at select outdoor institutions and reserves teaching a cross cultural curriculum to both young and old. Currently, Jamie is working as an author, outdoor skills instructor, and craftsman of fine rustic goods. Re-Learning old ways and implementing them truly enhances his family's lifestyle and well-being. Much of what he has gained through this journey is shared within the community he is building called The Old World Alliance. The Burleigh's are always eager to share their love of the old ways and accomplishments over a warm campfire. More info at: www.oldworldalliance.com

Course Curriculum

  • 1
    • Terms & Conditions, Disclaimers, and Waiver of Liability
    • Welcome & Sneak Peek
    • Safety FIRST!
  • 2
    Handle Refinishing: THE PROCESS
    • Scraping Your Handle [BONUS SKILL: How to make your own Card Scraping Tool]
    • Flaming a Custom & Personalized Handle Design
    • Dying & Adding a Protective Handle Finish
  • 3
    • Pine Tar Handle Syrup Recipe + Instructions
    • Pine Tar Handle Syrup
  • 4
    • Thank you