Axe Sharpening 101

Understanding how to sharpen and maintain the most important of wilderness tools is a skill every woodsman or woodswoman should posess.

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Abe Lincoln

Abe Lincoln

"Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe."

Course curriculum

  • 1
    Safety & Axe Preparation
    • Safety Discussion
    • Axe Handle Checking & Preparation
    • A Discussion about Bevels
    • Axe Head Checking, Polishing, and Preparation
    • Holding Your Axe for Sharpening [BONUS: How to Make an Axe Board]
  • 2
    Sharpening: Phase I
    • Preparing Your File
    • Sharpening with a File
  • 3
    Sharpening: Phase II
    • How to Make Your Own Sharp Stick [Reptile Toolworks Secret]
    • Sharpening with a Stone & Sharpening Stick
  • 4
    Sharpening: Phase III
    • Stropping Your Axe to Razor Sharp [and how to make an Axe Strop]
  • 5
    Improvised Sheath
    • Improvised Sheath from Cardboard & Duct Tape