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Learn how to nake your own Bowstrings! Never buy another bowstring again.

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Make Your Own Bowstring!

A Message from Dave Mead

Course Objectives

What can you expect to learn?

  • Learn to make an All-Natural Bowstring from Sisal (Agave fibers).

  • Learn how to make a Bowstring from RAWHIDE!

  • Learn how to make a Flemish Twist Bowstring from Modern materials.

  • Learn how to make a String Board and make an Endless Loop Bowstring!

What are other students saying?

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    Jeff Hardy

    As usual, a first class DIY from Mead Longbows. Love it!

    As usual, a first class DIY from Mead Longbows. Love it!

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Meet Your Instructor

  • Dave  Mead


    Dave Mead

    Dave Mead is the founder of Mead Longbows, a renowned bowyer, author and illustrator. Dave has been teaching how to build beautiful high-performance bows for many years. His work has been featured in countless on and off-line publications including Primitive Archer Magazine and American Survival Guide Magazine.

Course curriculum

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    Bow String Contruction from Natural Materials
    • Making a Sisal Bow String
    • Making a Rawhide Bow String
    • Making a Flemish Bow String
    • Making an Endless Loop Bow String
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    Next Steps
    • Final Thoughts