Modern Survival: Basic Winter Survival

Learn the critical 20% of Cold Weather Survival Skills that make 80% of the difference in a cold weather environment! This "In-the-Field" Video Instruction along with the included downloadable Winter Skills Field Manual will help you develop life-saving skills for moments when you need them most!

Who is this course for?

This course equips people who have a desire to recreate outdoors in cold-weather with basic cold-weather emergency skills, shelter, gear and food considerations. Jason also demonstrates how to recover from cold water immersion.
Who is this course for?

Course Objectives

What can you expect to learn?

  • Understand basic weather forcasting

  • Learn how to use an axe for cold weather survival

  • Build the Swedish Fire lay

  • How to build a proper Winter Fire Kit

  • How to fell a tree with a knife

  • How to recover from Cold Water Immersion

  • How to build a Super Shelter

  • How to build a Debris Shelter Camp

  • Make a 1-Stick Fire

  • And more!!!

Worse Case Scenario

Freezing Cold Water Immersion

Imagine falling into ice covered water in frigid temperatures (28 degrees F). This is truly a worse case scenario. This video demonstration isn't for the faint of heart and it's not one you'll witness that often. It's these types of demonstrations that show Jason's commitment to teaching cold weather skills that can save your life. Learn how to start a fire after you've fallen into freezing cold water and on the brink of hypothermia.
Worse Case Scenario

What are other students saying?

  • very impressive

    susan sun

    I am not an outdoor person at all. Just got a chance to take the course online. I am very impressed with the instructor's knowledge and skill. I have learned...

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    I am not an outdoor person at all. Just got a chance to take the course online. I am very impressed with the instructor's knowledge and skill. I have learned so much in the past month and hopefully, my children would learn this too.

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BONUS Winter Skills Field Guide

Free Downloadable Book

Included with the course is Jason's downloadable Winter Skills Field Guide. This is designed as a supplement to the video skills lessons and demonstrations. You'll find it available for immediate download in your student dashboard.
BONUS Winter Skills Field Guide

Meet Your Instructor

  • Jason Hunt

    Founder, Campcraft Outdoors

    Jason Hunt

    Jason has been a life-long student of the outdoors. Since early childhood, he has spent countless hours venturing and exploring the woods and hunting, fishing, and camping with his family. Jason is the founder and chief instructor of Campcraft Outdoors Field School where he trains others to encounter spiritual growth through outdoor skills training. He is an avid writer, appearing regularly in Survivor's Edge Magazine, Backwoods Survival Guide and Prepper's Survival Guide and is a published author having written Walking the Narrow Path, Reasons for the Seasons as well as coauthored Bushcraft First Aid. He is a specialist in modern survival, wilderness, and austere medicine with credentials from The Pathfinder School, Randall's Adventure & Training, NASAR, ASHI, KY Emergency Management, Wilderness Medical Society, and Med-Tact School of Tactical Medicine. Jason and his family manufacture their own line of handcrafted waxed canvas bags as well, to learn more visit

Course Curriculum

  • 1
    Welcome to the Course
    • Terms & Conditions, Disclaimers, and Waiver of Liability
    • Course Introduction
  • 2
    Chapter One: Cold Weather Basics
    • [DOWNLOAD] Field Book: Basic Winter Skills
    • Lesson 1: The Essentials
    • Lesson 2: Weather Forecasting
    • Lesson 3: Water Bottle Tips
    • Lesson 4: Food Considerations
    • Lesson 5: Axe: Felling, Limbing, and Sawing
    • Lesson 6: Axe: Splitting Rails & Wedges
    • Lesson 7: Axe: Swedish Fire Lay
  • 3
    Chapter Two: Winter Skills
    • Lesson 8: Felling a Tree with a Knife
    • Lesson 9: Winter Kits & Fire Immersion
    • Lesson 10: 1 Stick Fire
    • Lesson 11: Hand Soak Exercise
  • 4
    Chapter Three: Basic Winter Shelters
    • Lesson 13: DIY Pre-Fab Super Shelter
    • Lesson 14: Winter Debris Shelter
    • Lesson 15: Debris Shelter Camp
  • 5
    Conclusion & Final Steps