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Learn over 25 different ways to start a fire using the sun!

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In this course, you'll learn ways to harness the power of the sun that you never thought possible! Many of the solar lenses Creek will show you are improvised from random everyday objects such as vehicles and trash. This is a course that just may save your life one day!

  • Learn how to start a fire using sandwich bags and condoms!

  • Learn how to build a Solar Cooker using a lens from a Television!

  • Start a fire using light bulbs and headlamps from an ATV or Vehcile!

  • Start a fire from a trash alunimum soda can or even a paper coffee cup!

Course curriculum

  • 1
    Welcome to Solar Fire Mastery!
    • A Message from Creek!
    • Join the Group!
  • 2
    Tinder Bundle 101
    • Tinder Bundle or Tinder Blunder?
  • 3
    Module # 1: Solar Fire Starting (Magnifying Lens)
    • Lesson # 1: Solar Fire Starting 101 & Solar Embers
    • IKEA Fire Haul
    • Lesson # 2: Snow Globe Fire (from Goodwill Fire Haul)
    • Lesson # 3: Sandwich Wrap Fire FREE PREVIEW
    • Lesson # 4: POM Fire
    • Lesson # 5: Chili Powder Ember - Will it work???
    • Lesson # 6: White Wine Fire
    • Lesson # 7: Incandescent Light Bulb Fire
    • Lesson # 8: LED Flashlight Lens Magnifier
    • Lesson # 9: Survival Lenses 101
    • Lesson # 10: Survival Optometry
    • Water Bottle Fire Start (BONUS FOOTAGE)
    • Lesson # 11: Convex Water Bottle Lens FREE PREVIEW
    • Lesson # 12: Fire Steroids: ASHES
    • My Secret Fire Starting Weapon (BONUS FOOTAGE)
    • Lesson # 13: Biconvex Latex Balloon Solar Lens
    • Lesson # 14: FIRE FUNGUS HIGHLIGHT: Fomes robineae (Cracked Cap Polypore)
    • Lesson # 15: My Newest Fire Obsession: Caterpillar Poop
  • 4
    Modeule # 2: Solar Fire Starting (Parabolic Mirrors)
  • 5
    Final Thoughts
    • Next Training Steps
    • The Art of Fire

Meet Your Instructor

  • Creek Stewart

    Wilderness Survival Instructor

    Creek Stewart

    Creek Stewart is a Wilderness Survival Instructor, Author, and Television Host. He currently hosts the hit show SOS HOW TO SURVIVE on The Weather Channel and is the owner of Willow Haven Outdoor Survival School in Central Indiana.