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A Message from Your Instructor, Dave Mead

Survival Bow & Arrow Masterclass

Learn how to walk into the woods with a knife and come out with an incredible Survival Bow & Arrow for target practice or hunting - IN LESS THAN 1 DAY.

What You'll Learn

Dave Mead (Lifelong Bowyer & Owner of Mead Longbows) breaks down step-by-step how to source, build, and use a Survival Bow & Arrow from the lanscape around you, using natural materials & found objects. His ability to teach this skill with such success comes from building hundreds of bows and years of teaching other how to do the same.

  • Learn how to choose a tree/sapling that will make a good bow stave (and arrow shafts)

  • Learn how to cut, split, carve, & shape a hunting bow from a green tree

  • Learn how to make a Flemish Twist Bow String from Rawhide and other modern materials

  • How to Fletch Arrows using Feathers & the 2-Fletch Method

  • How to NOCK your arrows

  • How to make your own broadheads using metal nails and other found objects [VERY COOL]

  • Learn how to shoot your survival bow in the field

What are other students saying?

  • How to Make a Survival Bow & Arrow [in 1 day] is a Gr...

    Johan McElroy

    I really love making improvised weapons and tools. That is what this course is all about and I really learned a lot. Now it's time for me to go find the mate...

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    I really love making improvised weapons and tools. That is what this course is all about and I really learned a lot. Now it's time for me to go find the materials and build me a bow and arrows.

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Course curriculum

  • 1
    • Welcome from Dave Mead
  • 2
    THE BUILD: Survival Bow & Arrows
    • Arrow Shafts 101
    • Your Guide to Fletching
    • The Bow String [BONUS: How to Make a RAWHIDE Bow string]
    • Making the Bow (from a green natural stave)
    • Shooting Technique in the Field FREE PREVIEW
    • Nocks, Fletching, & Improvised Broadheads
  • 3
    • BONUS: 10-minute Bamboo Bush Bow [YOU WON'T BELEIVE THIS]
    • Final Thoughts & Next Steps

What you'll need to complete the course:

Because this is a "Survival Bow & Arrow", the materials and tools needed are very minimal.

Materials list: 

This list is basically acquired from what you have around you already meaning you should not have to purchase any of it. The option is yours to go shopping at the store or your yard/garage!

  1. Strong string/cordage for bowstring paracord, bankline, etc
  2. One large feather or a couple small feathers for arrows
  3. 3-inch diameter hardwood sapling tree or similar for bow (we will cover sourcing this in great detail).
  4. Small shoots, sticks, branches, cane, reed, bamboo for arrow shafts (we will cover sourcing these in great detail).

Tools needed:

Knife at minimum, but you are encouraged to use whatever you have. 

Meet Your Instructor

  • Dave  Mead


    Dave Mead

    Dave Mead is the founder of Mead Longbows, a renowned bowyer, author and illustrator. Dave has been teaching how to build beautiful high-performance bows for many years. His work has been featured in countless on and off-line publications including Primitive Archer Magazine and American Survival Guide Magazine.