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I'll teach you to grow your own mushrooms!


What You Can Expect From the Course

  • Clear step-by-step instructions giving you the knowledge and confidence to grow edible and medicinal mushrooms at home.

  • Fantastic tutorials and activities to learn how to identify mushrooms in the wild. This course will lay a solid foundation for those looking to get into mushroom foraging.

  • Learn how to grow mushrooms when you have limited space as well as in an urban or rural environment.

  • Support and guidance around where and how to get all the required materials for home-scale growing.

  • Learn techniques to save you time and money when growing your own mushrooms.

  • An inspiring and supportive online community to help you and your mushrooms grow!

Get Lifetime Access to All the Course Resources

Not only will you have access to dozens of videos showing you step-by-step how to get through each stage of the growing process, you all of our troubleshooting videos to address common issues will be available as well. Links for where to acquire your growing spawn and other materials are yours to use and keep. I'll even take you on a virtual Wild Mushroom Walk!
Get Lifetime Access to All the Course Resources

Meet Your Instructor

  • Chris Gilmour

    Found & Lead Trainer, Changing World

    Chris Gilmour

    Chris is the founder and lead trainer at Changing World, a consulting and training firm helping both individuals and organizations adapt and thrive in our changing world and climate. They focus on emergency preparedness planning, sustainable and resilient design, and training in survival skills, emergency response and self-reliance. Chris brings a very diverse skill set and life experience to all his courses, consulting and training, including: 12 years as Wilderness & Urban Survival Instructor, 14 years as a Back-Country Wilderness Guide, 10 years living-on and building a modern day homestead where he grows food & medicinal herbs using permaculture and forest gardening techniques. 6 years experience running emergency exercises and training with government and private organizations. Chris is also a life-long martial artist, certified wildlife tracker, teacher at Sir Sanford Fleming College and has a strong background in ecology.

Course curriculum

  • 1
    Welcome - Watch & Read This First!
    • Terms & Conditions, Disclaimers, and Waiver of Liability
    • Welcome to The Mushroom Growers & Wild Fungi Identification Course!
    • Welcome Video FREE PREVIEW
    • IMPORTANT - Safety & Disclaimer
    • Safety Video 1 - Risks & Safety Tips with Wild Fungi
    • Safety Video 2 - Risks & Safety Tips When Growing Mushrooms
  • 2
    Lesson 1 - Getting Started
    • Where to Purchase Your Mushroom Spawn & Other Supplies
    • Mushroom Growing 101
    • A Mushrooms Lifecycle & Growing Needs
    • Getting Started, Selecting Your Growing Space & First Project
    • Acquiring and Preparing Your Mushroom Spawn
    • Quick Tip - Making Sure Your Spawn is Ready for Inoculation
  • 3
    Expanding Your Spawn on Cardboard
    • Introduction
    • Overview Video
    • How to Inoculate Cardboard
    • Using Your Cardboard to Inoculate Other Projects
  • 4
    Growing Oyster Mushrooms on Coffee Grounds
    • Quick Guide: Growing Oyster Mushrooms in Mason Jars on Coffee Grinds
    • Closed-Loop Nutrient Cycling FREE PREVIEW
    • How to Inoculate Coffee Grounds
    • Tending, Harvesting & Second Flushes
    • Troubleshooting & Common Issues Video
  • 5
    Growing Oyster Mushrooms on Straw (Indoors or Out)
    • Creating Your Growing Environment
    • An Overview of Materials & Set-Up
    • An Introduction to Mono Tub Fruiting Chambers
    • Building a Monotub Fruiting Chamber
    • Pasteurizing Your Straw
    • How to Inoculate Your Straw
    • Reaching Full Colonization
    • The Pinning Phase
    • Harvesting & Second Flushes FREE PREVIEW
  • 6
    The Log Tower Method
    • The "Log Tower Method" - Growing Oysters on Logs
  • 7
    Growing Shiitake Mushrooms on Logs
  • 8
    Growing Wine Caps in Garden Beds
    • Part 1: Building & Inoculating Your Bed
    • Part 2: Harvest & Proper Identification
  • 9
    Mushroom Ecology & Identification
    • 3 Main Groups of Fungi & Their Ecological Role
    • Video - 3 Main Fungi Groups
    • Intro to The "Wild Fungi Scavenger Hunt" FREE PREVIEW
    • Wild Fungi Scavenger Hunt - PDF Download
    • Video - The "Wild Fungi Scavenger Hunt" Lesson
    • Taking Spoor Prints for Identification & Fun!
    • Mushroom Ecology Learning Guide
    • The_Mushroom_Ecology_Learning_Guide_Updated_June_2019_
    • Intro to Spring Mushroom Identification
    • Spring Guide To Mushroom Identification Download
  • 10
    The "Virtual Mushroom Walk" - Wild Fungi Identification
    • Welcome to our "Virtual Mushroom" walk.
    • Amanita Spp - **Poisonous
    • Angel Wings - Pleurocybella porrigens
    • Black Trumpet Mushrooms - Craterellus cornucopioides
    • Bolete Species
    • Chanterelle spp
    • Oyster Mushrooms - Pleurotus ostreatus
    • Puff Balls & Look-a-likes
    • Reshi - Ganoderma tsugae
    • Turkey Tail - Trametes versicolor