Ultimate Knots Course

Learn not only how to tie, but also HOW TO USE, a collection of the world's most useful outdoor knots.

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- Craig Caudill & Tracy Trimble -

Detailed Course Description

Finding resources on how to tie knots is easy.  Books, videos, apps and more abound for the user.  

What has been desperately missing is a course that walks the user through how to put those knots into practical use while enjoying the outdoors.

This course uses clear and crisp videography to detail each step of tying the knots.  This instruction is then followed up by more helpful tips, tricks and insight on how to make them work for you.  

You'll find uses for this unique collection of outdoor knots in survival, camping, homesteading, boating, farming, hiking, and much more.


How to Tie (and use) the Prusik Hitch

A Prusik (PRUSS-ik) is a friction hitch or knot used to attach a loop of cord around a rope, applied in climbing, canyoneering, mountaineering, caving, rope rescue, ziplining, and by arborists. To watch this FREE tutorial, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on this video in the Course Curriculum.

Who is this course for?

This project is for anyone who wants to take the tangled mess of rope and cordage and learn how to put it to its maximum effectiveness and use.  You may have learned how to tie knots in a class or from a book but this course will show you how to actually put those knots to use.

Meet Your Instructors

Craig Caudill & Tracy Trimble

This course is being taught by two fine Kentucky woodsman. Craig Caudill is the director of Nature Reliance School, author of several backcountry skills books, and a lifetime outdoorsman with decades of experience. Joining Craig, will be Tracy Trimble, instructor with Nature Reliance School. Tracy is also a lifetime outdoorsman and a designated Rope Technician, trained by Rescue 3 International Instructors. Tracy serves on various search and rescue teams and his local fire department on a volunteer basis. Craig and Tracy have both served as independent contractors of backcountry skills for the United States Federal Government and the state of Kentucky. Craig and Tracy have fantastic reputations of taking hard subjects and making them easy to learn, and use, in the real world.
Meet Your Instructors

Course Curriculum

  • 1
    The ULTIMATE Knot Course with Craig Caudill and Tracy Trimble
  • 2
    Rope Terms and Vocabularly
    • Roper Terms and Vocabularly
    • Rope Tips and Tricks
    • Coming Soon: Types of ropes and cordage and their most practical uses
    • Coming Soon: Knot strengths and security
  • 3
    Rope Storage
    • Rope Storage
  • 4
    Figure 8 Family of Knots
    • Standard Figure 8
    • Inline Figure 8
    • Figure 8 on a Bight
  • 5
    • Two Half Hitches
    • Trucker's Hitch
    • Timber Hitch
  • 6
    Bowline Family
    • Standard Single Bowline
  • 7
    Incredibly Useful Family of Knots
  • 8
    Joining Two Ropes
    • Fisherman's Bend (Knot)
  • 9
    Continuing Education Resources
    • Other Resources for your consideration