Fundamentals of Urban Survival

Learn an array of skills that will help you survive the urban landscape in the event of an emergency. The Urban Fieldcraft portion of this course teaches a variety of unique survival skills using improvised urban tools and trash.

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Prepare to survive the Urban Landscape!

- Jason Hunt & Jamie Boggs -

Course Objectives

Just a few Urban Survival Skills you will learn in this course!

  • Situational Awareness

  • Bug In vs Bug Out Factors

  • How to develop a P.A.C.E. Plan

  • How to Prep your Primary Location

  • How to create a mobile, Family First Aid Kit

  • How to Tier your Survival Kits

  • What to expect when you Bug Out unexpectedly (Jason will bug-out 17 miles to an alternate location)

  • How to Make an Improvised Gas/Debris Mask

  • Knife Handling / Self Defense Skills

  • How to Make an Improvised Bullet Proof Vest

What are other students saying?

  • Excellent Course


    The information and demonstrations are presented clearly and with knowledge for practical application in potential scenario's, I highly recommend this course.

    The information and demonstrations are presented clearly and with knowledge for practical application in potential scenario's, I highly recommend this course.

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Urban Awareness Field Guide, Urban Fieldcraft Guide, Medication for a System Collapse

Included with your course are 3 bonus Urban Survival resource guides. These PDF downloads include over 110-pages of supplemental training information, skills, and resources.

Experience a 17-mile Bug Out

In this course, Jason Hunt takes his 25-pound Bug Out Bag on an impromptu 17-mile Bug Out. He shares his experience in video and shares the challenges he faces during a grueling walk on a sweltering hot summer day. This is a great learning experience for anyone preparing to BUG OUT.
Experience a 17-mile Bug Out

Urban Stealth Sheltering

Join Jamie Boggs as he discusses urban stealth sheltering during a potential evacuation from or passing through an urban landscape. What are abandoned buildings a bad idea? Why is a having a neutral colored poncho in your kit a good idea? This is a very interesting training segment that is rarely covered in survival training.
Urban Stealth Sheltering

Meet Your Instructors

  • Jason Hunt

    Founder, Campcraft Outdoors

    Jason Hunt

    Jason has been a life-long student of the outdoors. Since early childhood, he has spent countless hours venturing and exploring the woods and hunting, fishing, and camping with his family. Jason is the founder and chief instructor of Campcraft Outdoors Field School where he trains others to encounter spiritual growth through outdoor skills training. He is an avid writer, appearing regularly in Survivor's Edge Magazine, Backwoods Survival Guide and Prepper's Survival Guide and is a published author having written Walking the Narrow Path, Reasons for the Seasons as well as coauthored Bushcraft First Aid. He is a specialist in modern survival, wilderness, and austere medicine with credentials from The Pathfinder School, Randall's Adventure & Training, NASAR, ASHI, KY Emergency Management, Wilderness Medical Society, and Med-Tact School of Tactical Medicine. Jason and his family manufacture their own line of handcrafted waxed canvas bags as well, to learn more visit
  • James Boggs

    Owner, Burning River Bushcraft

    James Boggs

    James was raised in an outdoor life style. He grew up shooting, hunting, fishing, camping and trapping at every opportunity. After 20 years as a competitive shooter he retired from competition after winning an IDPA State Title. He continues to teach firearm classes as an NRA instructor. James has studied short and long term wilderness skills, urban survival, wilderness first aid, herbal medicine, botany and wildcrafting, green woodworking, knapping, blacksmithing, bladesmithing, bowmaking and trapping. He is passionate about learning, testing and developing new skills. He enjoys passing on these skills either in person, as an Instructor at Campcraft Outdoors, through YouTube and Online courses. If he is not working on a new skill or sitting silently in a tree stand watching a game trail, he is probably spending time with his wife of over 20 years and their two kids.

Course Curriculum

  • 1
    • Terms & Conditions, Disclaimers, and Waiver of Liability
    • Introduction
    • [BONUS DOWNLOAD] Urban Awareness Fieldbook (72 pages)
    • Check Off List + Certificate Requirements
  • 2
    • Urban Awareness
    • The OODA Loop
    • Stay or Go: Factors to Consider
    • The P.A.C.E. Plan
    • Primary Location Prepping
    • Jason's Personal First Aid Kit
    • [BONUS DOWNLOAD] Medication for a System Collapse
    • Tier 1 Kit: Every Day Carry (EDC)
    • Tier 2: Get Home Bag
    • Tier 3: Bug Out Bag
    • Tier 4: Vehicle Kit
    • Survival Caches
    • Urban Stealth Shelters
  • 3
    • [BONUS DOWNLOAD] Urban Survival Fieldcraft (43-pages)
    • Improvised Lantern
    • Improvised Alcohol Stove
    • Restraint Escapes and Lock Bypass
    • Improvised Gas Mask
    • Improvised Bullet Proof Vest
    • Improvised Weapons
  • 4
    • Training Knives
    • Footwork and Grips
    • 5 Angles of Attack
    • Grip Changes and Drills
    • Dueling And Further Training