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Vital Survival Disaster Readiness

The Vital Survival course and booklet were written and produced in the middle of the pandemic and riots of early 2020. Therefore, this course is both timely and informed by current events. Craig has taught urban and rural disaster readiness/survival to thousands of students. He has taken those experiences and his dedicated research and put it together in this course. He provides excellent video instruction, demonstration, and associated checklists to go along with each lesson.
Vital Survival Disaster Readiness

Who is this course for?

This course was specifically put together for those who want to be better prepared for disaster.  There are individual portions of each lesson that apply directly to individuals and families.  This course details everything from gear checklists of what you need, on up to critical thinking and communication skill.  This allows anyone to develop an actionable plan for keeping yourself safe for natural or man-made disaster.  Lessons include insight for those that must stay in their homes, as well as those who may be lost in an urban or rural setting.  This course takes decades of research and experience and distills it down to the top 10 things everyone needs to know on each lesson topic.


Here’s what you can expect to learn from the course!

  • A downloadable booklet that has a “Top 10” list on each lesson’s topic. These lists comprise the essential items that people need to know.

  • A video lesson that details the gear needed to affect your survival. It includes items that are friendly to budget-minded people and other things worth spending some extra money on because of its durability and usefulness.

  • Lessons that detail critical decision making under stress and situational awareness that will enhance your daily life in and outside of disaster readiness.

  • Lessons on how to effectively take care of you and those in your group and be the “gray man,” so you do not attract unwanted attention.

  • Lessons that deal specifically with those that find themselves alone without assistance.

  • Lessons that deal specifically with family groups and how to keep them functioning optimally (including ideas and valuable items for children).

  • Heavy doses of rural/wilderness settings that are also applicable to urban situations as well.

Meet Your Instructor

  • Craig Caudill

    Certified Master Naturalist

    Craig Caudill

    Craig Caudill is an accomplished woodsman, author, podcaster and educator on topics in, and related to, the great outdoors. He has served as a backcountry skills instructor for the Department of Defense, first responders on the federal, state and local level as well as thousands every-day folks like you and me. He is a certified Master Naturalist and brings a lifetime of outdoors experience and practical wisdom to his courses here at Outdoor Core. Craig is the Director/Lead Instructor of Nature Reliance School, headquartered in Central Kentucky. You can reach Craig at

Course Curriculum

  • 1
    Vital Survival
    • Vital Survival Introduction FREE PREVIEW
    • Lesson 1 - Essential Gear You Need to Survive
    • Lesson 2 - Personal Assessment and Mindset Development
    • Lesson 3 - Personal and Group Security
    • Lesson 4 - Individual First Aid Kit
    • Lesson 5 - Sheltering in Place
    • Lesson 6 - Sheltering on the Move
    • Lesson 7 - Water procurement
    • Lesson 8 - Food procurement
    • Lesson 9 - Situational Awareness for Safety
    • Lesson 10 - Communication
    • Lesson 11 - Critical Decision Making
    • Lesson 12 - Practice vs Training and why both are important