HAM RADIO Study Course Bundle

Pass your Ham Radio TECHNICIAN and GENERAL class exams by learning from seasoned Ham Radio Instructor and Operator Joe Bassett.

Meet Your Instructor

  • Joe  Bassett

    Founder, Valiant Outfitters, LLC

    Joe Bassett

    Joe earned his first amateur radio operator’s license in 2009 and since then has helped hundreds of others earn theirs. He has deployed to support radio communication in five hurricanes, including serving as the coordinator for amateur radio emergency communication for the Red Cross and FEMA in Puerto Rico following hurricane Maria. Drawing on hundreds of hours of experience he is a frequent lecturer about the role of amateur radio in future disasters and leadership of volunteer teams. His knowledge of off-the-grid radio operation supports Joe’s role as founder of Valiant Outfitters, LLC and program director for The Salvation Army’s Camp Sebago Wilderness program for at-risk teens in Maine.